Moved by the landscapes surrounding my home, Wild Orchard Farm, and drawing on both my ecological and theological training, I write for scientists leery of faith, people of faith who know and love the miracles of science, and anybody who shares the vision of the planet as a sacred community.

I try to challenge people to think more deeply about the human condition and our choices in this time of ever ­increasing climate disturbance.

Perched Hope

As I started my jog down the road, I thought I heard a meadow lark. Wishing, hoping, I glanced over to the one remaining apple tree in the center of the field, where, in the past, right at the tippy top of its artistically gnarled and twisted self, the meadow lark would perch. He was … Continue reading Perched Hope

Tree Talking

Endurance. Gratitude. I find myself talking to trees more often than I used to. It started, rather prosaically, with the elm. I run three times a week. Near the end of the run, on the hill up to our farmhouse, stands the stateliest elm I have ever seen. I need cheering on at this point … Continue reading Tree Talking

It Must Have Been a Saturday….

… probably fall warbler time. I remember the moist, pungent smell of autumn leaves beginning to decompose on the ground beneath our feet, the golden path layered with their forms. The familiar open woods surround us – exposed gray trunks of various widths against the backdrop of leafy gold, green, orange.  A small gurgling brook, … Continue reading It Must Have Been a Saturday….