Moved by the landscapes surrounding my home, Wild Orchard Farm, and drawing on both my ecological and theological training, I write for scientists leery of faith, people of faith who know and love the miracles of science, and anybody who shares the vision of the planet as a sacred community.

I try to challenge people to think more deeply about the human condition and our choices in this time of ever ­increasing climate disturbance.


Tuesday, January 19th 2021. I start to write this blog post on the day before the inauguration of a new president of the United States. And because writing takes time, I finish it after.   It is gray and cold outside. Without the sun, the snow is drab, the swallow houses look totally abandoned for … Continue reading Before/After

Sprouting Revolution

Revolution: derived from late Latin or Old French to Middle English:  to “roll back”. To roll back – not necessarily surge forward with a sudden radical change and destruction of the status quo. Interesting…. Who knew…? During the last couple of weeks, I realized I need to switch gears, thinking-wise and writing-wise. My miniature orange … Continue reading Sprouting Revolution

Autumn, asters and time

Dark in the morning, these days, when I come downstairs early to make coffee for my husband, tea for me. I light two candles, a practice inherited from a housemate many years ago, as it eases me into my day. I peer at the inside/outside thermometer. If the inside temperature is below 60° AND the … Continue reading Autumn, asters and time